Seniors Pursue Sports after High School

Indiana Jones


Alexandria Cooley, Reporter

As the school year comes to an end, seniors are planning for the future. For athletes, this means signing on with a school. One such athlete, senior Kallin Fisher is planning out his sports career for after high school.

“A Weber State recruiter, Coach Swan, came to me and talked to me about playing for them.” Fisher said, “I’m going to be playing the long-snapper at Weber State, which is the position they recruited me for and that got me a scholarship.”

Although sports have had a big impact on Fisher’s life, he realizes that they are not the most important thing. There is much more to playing sports in college then just being able to play the sport. It includes hard work and dedication.

“Schooling is important. You gotta get the grades and be able to go to college.” Said Fisher.

Fisher is not just planning for college, but also for beyond. He has hopes of making it to the professional league after college.

“Future goals? It’s a big goal, but I want to make it into the NFL. So, play my four years in college and then try to play in the NFL.” Said Fisher.