Moonlight Serenade Titled Cultural Event of the Year

Moonlight Serenade Titled Cultural Event of the Year

Macie Burnett, Reporter

From April 28th through the 30th, Davis High holds a cultural event called the Moonlight Serenade. Moonlight Serenade has many reasons for being held: as a fundraiser for the art programs and to give people an opportunity to have an enjoyable time with their families.


“The band plays music, and they have moonlight singers come and sing [while] we get to dance to the music,” dancer Amanda Townsend said. “Our parents usually come, and we get to raise money. For everyone who comes we feed them dinner alongside a show.”


Townsend is not the only dancer excited for the opening of Moonlight Serenade. Her peer, Hattie Shepherd, shares her enthusiasm.


“The entire band is so amazing. They get to put on this wonderful show, they have such a great jazz band, and all the beautiful moonlight singers. We are there for entertainment in between performances,” Shepherd said.


But the beautiful dancing, angelic voices, and glorious music does not come from only a day of practice. The band instructor and advisor of Moonlight, Mr. Hendricks, commented that some of the tasks they have to execute include buying enough food to feed twelve-hundred people, prepare the band to play forty to fifty different compositions, and give singers the lyrics to memorize for the songs they will perform. Choreographed dances and music for the floor show are assembled by the dance company, while the rest of the committee works tirelessly to sell tickets, set up tables, and place decorations where they are needed.


“This extravagant and loved event is not common among the social atmosphere of the students,” Hendricks said.  “Every year I have seniors come for the first time. They then end up coming back every single night and buying a dance ticket for the rest of the week. They always talk about how this is the greatest event at Davis and wonder why they didn’t know about it before.”


The Moonlight Serenade is an event for people of all ages. Most people who come end up loving it and returning the next year. For more information on Moonlight Serenade visit or contact Mr. Hendricks at [email protected].