Darts Dominate Video Gaming

Andrew Bright


Ethan Bovee, Reporter

Naturally humans argue with each other,they argue over anything we can. A new topic of argument is whether E-Sports is a sport or not. E-Sports is a fairly new concept which means that people can and will find something to argue about.


“It is a virtual sport, perhaps. But it is not a physical sport. It requires just as much skill and mental focus,” an anonymous user on debate.org said.


This causes a hot topic among video game fans on whether E-Sports is actually a sport. The school has its very own E-Sports Club that has been around for a few years and some of the members have varying opinions on its merit as a sport.


“I think it is a sport, but it all depends on your definition of a sport,” senior member E-sports Club Blake Pond said.


“Well, it has sports in its name but personally I don’t think it is a sport.” Senior member of the e-sports club, Joe Eads said.