Mr. Dart pageant helps cancer research

Indiana Jones


Leilani Gastelum, Reporter

The Mr. Dart Pageant is on Saturday April, 23rd at 7pm in the auditorium. This year the proceeds are going to go to the HOSA Leukemia Lymphoma Society Fundraiser. Clubs, classes and teams were all invited to nominate one male member to be able to compete at the pageant.

“It is a hilarious evening. It is about an hour and half for $5. It’s good times and good entertainment,” advisor Miss.Hyer said.  

Students and their families are encouraged to attend this year’s Mr. Dart Pageant. The goal for the Mr.Dart Pageant is to be able to get as many donations as they can through this event.

“I think [students] should go, because it’s a good cause and to come and support your school. All these guys are setting their pride aside, getting up, and having fun with it. It’s really entertaining and you get your money’s worth,” SBO Whitney Waters said.

Is also doing a few different activities and events to be able to get as many donations as they can for the HOSA Leukemia Lymphoma Society. In each homeroom class, money boxes are put in for students to help donate. Some teachers are willing to give their students an incentive to vote. The school is also going to give the students a longer lunch on May 26th  if they reach their certain goal of 8,000 during miracle minute in advisory on May 4th .