Mycol Burch Catches Success

Connor Fox


Billy Elliott and Natalie Lott

On May 6 at 4 p.m. the girls softball team will be playing for the leukemia fundraiser. All donations will be going to this cause that has affected 6 students at school. Free food will be provided so come support this great cause.

“That number is off the statistical chart!  Two of those students have been diagnosed since January” Mr. Drott said.

Another way to donate is through the facility, ask a teacher if they have a donation box in there room or visit Mr. Drott  at room 1413.

“ In the past 5 years we have raised over $65,000.  Last year we raised $22,000, which was the 12th highest out of 4600 schools across the nation” Mr. Drott said.

Also save up for miracle minute during advisory on May 4, our school goal is 8,000 dollars.