Water Polo Hoped For In Kaysville


Dallin Hawkins, Managing Editor

Perhaps one of the least acknowledged sports in our community is water polo. It hasn’t been very long since it was introduced in the Utah area. There are some that have caught on early and have stayed dedicated even with a lack of support.


“It’s not very popular. Some people, I’ll mention it, and they have no idea what it is. But in Southern Utah there are two teams in the same city (Cedar City). But in Kaysville, Davis doesn’t even have a pool,” water polo goalie Chandler Seely said.


Most Utah water polo teams are commonly located between Bountiful and St. George. Being more uncommon the farther North you go in Utah, the question of what water polo is might come up.


“I would compare water polo to soccer by the way it’s played. It’s pretty much water soccer,” Seely said.

There is no doubt that water polo is a challenging sport to play. It gets tiring as you have to tread water for a long period of time and you have to follow a set of strict rules.


“You can’t stop. There is no rest. You have to be treading the entire time. To be completely honest, it is a really hard sport,” Seely said.


In a Deseret News article, Kaysville Says It Can’t Subsidize Pool, reporter Don Rosebrock said the city of Kaysville does not have enough money to fund its own recreation programs. Instead, they subsidize Layton’s covered swimming pool to stay open year round. However there is hope for Davis in having a water polo team.


“I would say that not many people know what it is. If Davis had a pool, most definitely I would guess there would be a team,” Seely said.