Clubs are more than an after school activity


Macie Burnett, Reporter

School dances are not organized by teachers or the school district like most people think. They are actually under the observation of many clubs, school related groups and the Student Body Officers.

“Teachers and administration are not and have never been in charge of the dances. It has always been officers or other school related groups,” senior class advisor Ms. Hyer said.

Each grade have their own Student Body Officers who are put in charge of planning a dance. Not only are the officers in charge but so are some of the clubs.

“The administration distributes among the clubs and officers which dance they are in charge of,” Hyer said.

For each dance to happen, the advisors have to help with planning. Planning for a dance does not happen overnight. Much effort, time and patience are put in so that all students can have fun at and enjoy themselves.

“First thing you have to do is make sure you have the building scheduled, set the date on the calendar [so everybody knows], book the dj, talk about decorations and what they want to do with them,” Hyer said.

Many themes that have been given are from the hard work that the clubs put into brainstorming. The clubs FBLA and FCCLA have, in the past, been in charge of the Sadie Hawkins dance. Then another group in charge of the past Christmas Dances were the cheerleaders.

“The clubs and officers work so hard and spend much of their time at the school planning, setting up, preparing and making sure that the dance is ready,” Ms. Hyer said.

Every year the administration picks a new group to be in charge of a different dance that year. For more information on how to join a club you can go to the Davis high website and click on the tab Organizations. Beneath that click Clubs, Teams and Organizations which will take you to a page with all contact information of the advisor.