Mary Poppins Excites the Theater


Isabel Deller, Reporter

    The theater recently announced the title of next year’s musical. The school will be producing their version of Mary Poppins.

    “Mary Poppins has been one of [Hannah’s] favorite musical movies since she was young. She’d turn it on and watch it over and over again,” mom Chrissie Shill said. “She’s been so excited for this musical since it’s been announced.

    Mary Poppins is more child friendly than this past musical, Les Miserables. This difference leads to a change in the atmosphere while auditioning and preparing to begin rehearsals.

    “It has a different feel so I’m super excited for next year’s theater kids to be able to work on it,” advanced theater student Hannah Mckay said. “It’s completely different than Les Mis so it’ll be excited to see how the acting styles change.”