Students choose Team Iron man or Team Cap

Connor Fox


Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Photo Credit: Film Frame © Marvel 2016

Billy Elliott, Reporter

Just when people were thinking that superhero movies couldn’t get any better, Marvel released their biggest movie yet. Captain America Civil War is action packed, funny, and full of superhero action. Civil War is arguably the best Marvel movie yet. It got a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.5/10 on IMDb.

In the newest Marvel movie, the Avengers split into two teams- Team Captain America and Team Iron Man. These two teams end up fighting and the battle is everything an epic fight should be. There’s humor, fighting, betrayal, lots of tension, and more fighting.

On Team Iron man there’s Black Widow, War Machine, Spider Man, Vision and Black Panther. On Team Captain America there’s Hawkeye, Antman, Falcon, The Winter Soldier, and Scarlet Witch.

Civil War introduces three new superheroes to the Avengers. Spiderman, Black Panther, and Ant Man. They are remaking the Spiderman Movies and making a Black Panther movie. Ant Man already got his own movie, but now he’s an Avenger.

In a poll we discovered that fifty three percent of voters prefer team Captain America and forty seven prefer team Iron Man.
Overall Captain America Civil War is a humorous, intense, action packed, hero filled movie. Be sure to check out Civil War which is now playing in theaters.