German Club Allows Students to Learn a Foreign Language

Indiana Jones


Leilani Gastelum, Reporter

German Club is a new club that has just started. Louisa Twitchell had a desire to learn German for the past 2 years. Last year she befriended a foreign exchange student from Germany which sparked her interest even more. Since German isn’t a language offered at the school, Twitchell decided to take matters into her own hands.


“I’ve always have been super interested in languages, but last year there was a foreign exchange student named Julia from Germany. She just started teaching me and some of my friends German it just kind of clicked with me,” junior Louisa Twitchell said.


The new German Club was started because to Twitchels interest in German culture and the German language.Their adviser, Mr. Stevens learned German when he was in high school and has spent a total of 3 years there.


“I love to visit [Germany] and I have retained the German language because of it,” chemistry teacher Mr.Stevens said.


German Club meets every Monday during lunch and is open to whoever is interested in learning German and it’s culture.


“At German club we usually we have a 10 minute lesson by Mr. Stevens. He teaches us the alphabet and basic phases. Then we learn songs or have German food. We do all sorts of things,” Twitchell said.

Right now the German Club has about 15 members and they are looking to expand to anyone who is interested. To join just go into Mr.Stevens room every Monday during lunch.