Disney Movies Shape Students’ Childhood


The Effect of Disney Movies


There are many classic Disney movies such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan and Hercules. There are also many newer ones that can be added to that list, such as Tangled, Frozen, and Zootopia. For years Disney has taken people on adventures with love, action, betrayal, adventure, and of course ending with the famous happily ever after. Disney movies can teach you lessons, make you emotional, and introduce characters into your life that you will remember forever. These stories can really be tear jerking and can change the way you feel for the rest of the day.


“They are different than any other movies because it’s not drama it’s just kind of a little story you can get into,” Disney enthusiast Kimble Spillman said.


There is so much to take from these movies, and so many reasons why you should watch them. In Sharon, a reporter from Disney Fanatic’s article, Eight Reasons to watch Disney Movies, she said, some reasons to watch them is there is something for everyone, They show how important family and friends are, They tell us that dreams can come true, and They can make you believe in true love.


There are many lessons to learn in life, and Disney loves to help teach them to us. They use creative and fun ways to get a message across.


“Every single one that they have made is made to have a lesson in them, and really the biggest one is to follow your dreams, go after the things that are impossible,” Disney fan Matthew Talbot said.


Some movies try to show true love, while others teach honesty, and still others teach you to be yourself. Disney tries to get messages across, but it can be difficult to find a balance between too pushy and not obvious enough.


“Trying to push messages is kind of hard because sometimes you can’t see them if they are not obvious,” Disney fanatic David Spillman said.


Disney movies are typically aimed towards children, but often times teenagers and adults will watch and enjoy them. There is something about them that makes people feel like they are a kid again.

“Watching them again makes me happy, I don’t know if it makes me feel like a kid again but it makes me happy,” Disney lover Mcay Findlay said.


There are many ways that Disney movies can relate to and even change your life. April Burgess, a reporter for Oddyssea said, “The themes that you see in any Disney movie will certainly translate to your own life. Any movie should make you look at your own life choices because everything that we watch becomes a tiny little piece of us. Disney is valuable to children because they learn about the fantastical side of life. It’s a promise that not every day will be mundane and boring.”

Disney movies can break your heart, like in Frozen when Hans turns out to be evil. They can also take you on adventures through places you never could have dreamed of going, like in The Jungle Book. They even make you so attached to characters that you couldn’t help but cry when the toys almost are lost forever in Toy Story 3. They can and will always be a part of people’s lives, and Disney’s legacy will live on forever.