Movies Hype Students With Anticipation

Indiana Jones


Tori Waltz, Reporter

The movie industry has increasingly become one of the most popular cultural practices with audiences of all ages. With companies such as Disney, Marvel, Universal Pictures, and many more leading the industry, movies have grown to become a dominating cultural presence and continue to advance in box office numbers and ratings throughout the years. Due to technological advances, which allow more realistic effects and impactful imageries, movie audiences continuously grow larger incorporating many different people who are emotionally connected to certain films or simply watch them for entertainment purposes.

“I’m probably most excited for Finding Dory because it’ll be like another chapter of my  life because I kinda started my life with Finding Nemo and now I’ll be able to move on to the next part of my life with Finding Dory,” junior Cesar Calvillo said.

Despite advances in the movie industry on a numbers and technological standpoint, movies remain constant in their original ability to make audience members feel personally and emotionally connected with their themes and messages. Through creative character arcs, exciting journeys and daring twists, movies are able to entertain viewers while also connecting with outside events and analytical topics.

“I’m super excited to see how they took such a strong yet clueless character-and she’s female so it kind of represents feminism-and see how they tie her into being the next hero of the movie,” senior Blaire Arnold said, similarly referring to the movie Finding Dory, coming to theatres June 17, 2016.

Different genres of movies appeal to a variety of audiences in different age groups. While some are more attracted to comedies or romances, others could be drawn to horror films or biographies. These individual categories allow movies to offer diversity and  personal enjoyment to all audiences, regardless of their age or origin.