Seniors Lead the Teams


Jacob Sonne, Sports Editor

As Davis heads into the 2016-17 school year many new and traditional events are taking place. Sophomores are learning to understand and love high school as a whole, while juniors head into arguably the hardest and most important year of their K-12 career. However, for many seniors this year marks a time of leadership, especially on the Davis athletic teams.

As team captains and leaders these seniors have to first pick up where they left off, learning from the leadership of former teammates.

“The seniors last year were my really good friends, so I looked up to them all of my years playing with them,” senior soccer player Mikayla Colohan said. “We were successful and I learned from them, so hopefully others can learn from me, too.”

Every leader is different; each individual brings unique skills and perspective to the table.

“I hope that everyone has the knowledge that they can come to me for questions and just know that I’m there for them,” senior cross country runner Sarah Ferrell said.

Senior year altogether brings a different kind of feeling to playing a sport whether it is on the pitch, track, course, court or field.

“You have so much more responsibility,” Ferrell said. “Learning everyone’s names and making sure you know them so you can cheer for them.”

Now, as it does every year, the cycle of athletes leaving and new stars rising has reset.

“It’s kind of sad with it being the last year, but it’s kind of fun seeing the new guys and the talent they bring to the team,” senior golfer Cooper Adkinson said.

One of the many responsibilities of team leaders is to be sure that the younger players are enjoying their sport and have a strong foundation. This is true even in more individual sports like cross country.

“I think that with the younger girls if I keep talking to them then they’ll enjoy it and want to keep coming back and be able to improve,” Ferrell said.

While the improvement of their peers is a goal of many leaders, they also have standards for their individual and team performance.

“I’d like to play on the state and regional team,” Adkinson said.

Some players have their eyes set on bringing a state championship to Kaysville.

“Our goal like always is to take state again,” Colohan said. “So hopefully we can do that if we work hard and always stay positive.”

Ferrell also talked about some of the larger meets that the cross country team will travel to like the Nike Cross Nationals and Bob Firman Invitational.

No matter their goals, ambitions, or expectations, the leaders of Davis athletics always have a positive message to send to their peers.

“Just keep fighting no matter what,” Adkinson said. “It will all come around.”