Better Together Offers Great Interaction

Bentley Holley


Riley Stam, Reporter

The Better Together and peer tutor programs provide opportunities for special needs students to work with other students from Davis. These classes allow special needs students to go  about their schedule with a tutor to help them in class.

“You get to know [these students] and do activities with them,” senior Claire Gale said. “It just kind of opens up your world.”

Better Together allows for a similar experience for the special needs students outside of class. They do after school excursions such as going to the store or a movie. They also participate in school activities like sports games and street painting. These programs provide the tutors with opportunities to get to know the peers and gain new perspective.

“Before I started the program, I was a little afraid of people with disabilities, “said Gale. “Now it’s all okay and we are all friends.”

If you are interested in joining either of these programs, talk to Mrs. Mckay about joining Better Together or see your counselor about signing up to be a peer tutor.