Soccer Scores a Streak

Spencer Hill


Jacob Sonne, Sports Editor

As of late, the girls soccer team has been on a roll. The program has not lost a game since the 2014-15 season. However, this year the Darts were given an opportunity that no other program in the state got: setting the state record for most consecutive wins.

The win that clinched their record was a 13-0 shutout against Hunter on September 27th. This dominating victory was a fitting representation of this streak. Rarely have their victories been decided in the later part of the game or come down to nail-biting finishes. The program has been obliterating everything in their path in a constant hunt for perfection and championships.

However, while this goal is a testament of the team’s dominance in recent years, the girls didn’t start this year’s season with their eyes on a 37th consecutive victory.

“I didn’t even really know about it until it was coming up in the next week,” senior forward Ally Olcott said.

To most schools an honor like this would be a dream to achieve, but there is a far bigger prize to this team: a state championship. Davis has won the last two division 5A Utah state titles and sees this postseason as a chance for a “three-peat.”

“It’s a great record to have but I think at the end of the day we have a lot of unfinished business to do,” head coach Soulyvanh Phongsavath said. “We don’t want that record to define our season, we want a third straight state championship, too.”

There is definitely a pressure on this team to win a state title; however, this is not the only pressure the team is attempting to live up to. Davis was recently ranked number one in the nation by USA Today, and as coach Phongsavath says, “pressure is a privilege.”

“When everyone expects you to do really well it’s hard to live up to that expectation,” senior midfielder Ellie Robinson said. “I really do believe especially with this team we’ve learned to handle pressure really well. Instead of being nervous or getting scared we’ve really had to step it up.”

Every time the girls take the field, they’re the favorite to win. However,  the girls are comfortable with the chemistry this team has built around the wins and tradition of the program.

“Team chemistry is huge.” Olcott said. “It’s probably more important than talent because if your team works together well is shows on the field and off the field, too.”

With the postseason upon us, Davis is focusing on their hopeful playoff run. Setting records and receiving national praise is great, but as the 1996 Chicago Bulls said, “it don’t mean a thing without the ring.”