Swimmers Appreciate Small Team and Friendships

Mason Hall

Natasha Stansfield, Reporter

As the girls swim team nears the competition season, they are learning to grow and support one another. With this being such a large team, it can be difficult to connect and the girls have already tried building those relationships with each other.

“We’d have a lot of social gatherings outside of swimming in the pool. We got to know everybody’s names and that really helped us come closer together, and then of course winning meets together,” sophomore Whitney Carlson said.

They have made an effort to come together and become a team. The swim team is also unique in the way it competes, with usually only one or two members swimming in a race.

“Not only is it a team effort but it’s individual. Which is not like most of the sports here,” junior Jessica Barker said. “You’re working for yourself and trying to get better and get to state, but you also have to do your best so that you can give points to your team so your team itself can win.”

They may win as a team, but compete individually and that can create a lot of pressure.The team takes this in stride and encourages each other.

“They are always cheering me on when I’m swimming my events. It’s really great to get out of the water and have them tell you good job and you did great,” Carlson said.