MOB Brings Unique Opportunity for Unity

Mason Hall

Braxton Frost, Reporter

Walking into a stadium for the first time and hearing the roar of the crowd is one of the best sounds and experiences a person could have. Fans love when the crowd goes crazy and gets loud, but that noise can have a big effect on the players and the outcome of the game.

This noise and pressure that is placed on any athlete when the game is on the line and the crowd is going crazy is huge. Sometimes this noise can cause them to make dumb or uncharacteristic plays.

Arguably one of the most critical catalysts for creating this mental anxiety amongst players is the influence of crowd noise,” author Robert Wood said.

The reason that playing on the road for athletes is so hard is because of this pressure or anxiety that builds up as the game comes down to the last play in any sport or event. This is the moment when the athlete learns to cope with a high pressure situation and perform at a high level no matter the situation. Playing at home on the other hand can help the athletes play better.

“When you have fans backing you up, it helps you play better,” varsity basketball point guard Josh Sanders said.

It makes sense to believe that when players have fans and people that are rooting for the team it helps you play better.

“[It] gives us lots of energy, and makes it harder for the other team,” varsity football linebacker Zack Hoskins said.

Fan support for both the home and away team play a huge role in the success of the programs. If people ever thought that noise did not play a part in sports, think again.