Yearbook Staff Excited to Try New Features

Mason Hall

Marcos Diaz-Robles, Reporter

The 2016-2017 yearbook is on its way and is expected to have many new features to make it the best it has ever been. The yearbook staff gathers together during fourth and eighth period. There is some confidentiality surrounding this year’s features, but there are some aspects that have been revealed.

“We are trying really hard this year so that every student is in the book at least twice and that is something we have not done before and then we have also added some cool technology features to our book this year that we have never had that my staff will kill me if I tell you what they are, but the book will be awesome,” yearbook advisor Ms. Nye said.

Tayler Beever, layout editor of the yearbook, is in charge of designing the inside of the book like graphs, fonts, colors and how they fit with the book’s theme.

“I really like designing and I have been messing around with photoshop for my whole life so I feel like this would be a good fit to contribute to the school, but at the end of the year it will be nice to like hold something that I made,” Beever said.

Preparing the yearbook can get quite busy and stressful but the hope that the yearbook staff has in making this year’s book the best makes it easier for them to work. Both Nye and Beever agree that it will be tremendously better than the previous yearbooks. They hope to get students attention so that the sell of the yearbook will be a success.

“You just have to have the faith that it’s gonna be so much better that last year’s. I am definitely putting in a lot of time into it to make it look cool and all the details are just perfect. Everyone is putting a lot of time to get all the details are going to look great. And there is interactive elements to it,” Beever said.

This year’s book is expected to be amazing and to have lots of surprises. These are some of the features, but to find out all the new elements, just buy the 2016-2017 yearbook.