Cross Country Team Reaches Excellence Through Dedication

Mason Hall

Hannah Coombs, Reporter

The Davis Cross Country Team has been working very hard to be the best that they can be this season. Coach Korbin Talley has been coaching the cross country team for 14 years now. Talley got the passion for running when he was in junior high school.

“When I was in junior high I set the record in the gym mile run, and when they announced it all the girls next to me in my math class were way impressed,” Talley said. “From there I was like, I want to be a runner,”

The cross country team welcomes all who want to come join the fun of running with other students, and friends. The cross country team is a good place to meet new people and make long lasting friendships. So it is not always about the running.

“I started running track just to get out of school and I just kept doing it afterwards,” Evans said. “I like running and it was a good experience,” JV runner Seth Evans said.