Cyber Security Awareness Raised for Students

Tanner Livingston

Cyber Security Awareness Raised for Students

Alexandria Cooley, Story Production Editor

With October being National Cyber Security Awareness Month, it’s time to think about what measures you take to ensure your cyber safety. The Department of Homeland security has provided many simple tips on how citizens can improve their cyber safety. The simplest one being, make your accounts private.

“My Instagram is private, but all my other accounts are public.” senior Savannah Edwards said.

When asked to filter through their followers list, many students found that they have never met many of their followers. Another simple tip is to monitor who is following you. This is easiest to do with a private account.

“My Instagram is private, and if some random person asks to follow me, I’ll say no.” Edwards said.

Although this is a simple tip, many students leave their accounts public. These public accounts have gained many followers, but are also potentially dangerous to the owner. Senior Niall Thorley shares his opinion on why some may feel validation from a large amount of followers.

“I feel like it’s kind of a validating aspect of it. Maybe some people don’t have the best things going on in their life, and the more followers they have makes them feel like they’re somebody.” Thorley said.

If certain safeguards are put in place, then the internet can be a fun place for everyone. Students have found that social media is the perfect place for self expression and individuation.


“I think it’s a good way to connect with people. It’s good to see what people are up to, and you’re able to communicate your ideas.” Edwards said.