Mountain Biking Club Offers Exciting Activity

Spencer Hill

Bryce Barton, Reporter

Angie L. Harker
Utah is famous for its mountain biking trails. From Moab to Park City there are over 50 great mountain biking trails.

“Probably my favorite trail is at Park City. It’s a downhill trail with jumps and stuff. It’s really fun,” Davis Mountain Biking team captain Matthew Allen said.

Last year a mountain biking club joined the school. Before that it was just the Davis Mountain Biking Team, but last year it changed and became a club associated with Davis High School. Now they have around one hundred and fifty members.

“Mountain biking started, well as part of the High school it started last year,” Allen said.

They have already competed this year, and so far they have taken fourth place at the Vernal and Powder Mountain races. They are excited for more races coming up.

“It’s super fun going to Moab and St. George,” senior team member Nick Potter said.

With only a few races left before state championships, the team is practicing hard so they will be ready to compete with the best teams in Utah.

“We practice generally three times a week, some kids will practice more,” Allen said.

On November 5th all their hard work will pay off at state championships in St. George.