Parking Causes Issues for Students and Homeowners

Bentley Holley

Parly Scott, Reporter

Discrimination is the unjust treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

“I do not know if discriminate is the right word, but I do feel it is unfair,” Police Chief Sol Oberg said.

Kaysville City installed No Parking signs in residential neighborhoods near the school in effort to control off campus parking. Residents in the area want to keep the parking spaces in front of their houses for them and their visitors. They also raise concern about student behavior in front of their homes. Including littering, destruction of property, and bad language.

“We want to see our students cleaning after themselves and have the opportunity to respectfully park on the streets,” Principal Richard Swanson said.

Opponents of the signs however argue that it is not fair. The students do not behave that poorly and the signs are hard to enforce, and there are signs in front of some of the residential homes, but not others. Another issue is the fact that it may be hard for the police officers to enforce the rules when they can not tell if it is a student or a resident.

“You really can not tell if it is a student or a resident parking there. It’s pretty tough. The resource officer has access to a database and he can try and figure it out,” Oberg said.

Students, residents, and other interested parties attended a city council meeting. Council heard both sides of the story. At the meeting a committee was formed to address concerns on both sides to come to a consensus that could be agreeable to all sides of the issue. As of present time this committee has met in conjunction with the Davis High School community council however no final decision had been made.