Dartman Provides School Spirit

Bentley Holley


Austin Hulet, Reporter

One of the most powerful attributes is the ability of individual students to do something for the good of the school. Students step up and take up traditions, and one of the best traditions is Dartman. Dartman is the school mascot. He is present at most events and has been ever since he was invented in 1978. He first started as a cartoon character in a dart costume and has evolved to become a warrior who defends the school.

This year’s Dart Man is Keegan Reed, and he is here to unify Davis High and make it a place to be proud of.

“The Purpose of Dartman is to Unify Davis High School, to have an idea, or a person that people can be proud of,” Reed said.

Reed is known and liked by a lot of students, but he is not satisfied with that. He considers it his job to talk to all the students that he can, and to be someone the school can be proud of. His personality and his ability to connect with other kids makes it easier than it is with other people, and it helps him do his job as Dartman. He loves Davis and the pride people take in it, and so it makes his job a lot more fun.

“I’ve just always loved Davis High School, and I wanted to know how I could connect with more people. I like to be outgoing, and I feel like Dartman is the best way to connect with the most amount of people,” Reed said.

Reed knows how to pump up a crowd at games. At football games, he beats a drum in a rhythm to make sure that the crowd cheers are on time and loud, and he often goes into the crowd to find people who aren’t cheering to make sure that they do. He realizes as Dartman that the tradition is something to cheer for, and everyone should be on their feet cheering for the Darts.