Local Hero Competes in Olympic Marathon

Tanner Livingston


Tânia Rêgo

Rio de Janeiro – Sob chuva forte atletas da maratona masculina passam pelo aterro do Flamengo (Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil)

Billy Elliott, Clubs Segment Editor

Jared Ward was a junior at Davis in 2005 when his running career began. He then took a two year break to go on an LDS mission. After that Ward attended BYU for five years where he got more serious about his running career.

Growing up, Ward had some cousins who ran that were his inspiration. He often would go and watch them run.

“I looked up to their whole family, these cousins were the cool cousins in my eyes at a young age. We got to spend some time with them as they lived closer than other cousins and they just always would play with me, and I would go and watch them on the track and it was so fun to watch them succeed,” Ward said.

Jared Ward went on to run the marathon and eventually made it into the Olympics and ran the marathon in the Rio 2016 Olympics.