Killer Clowns Create Scare Just Before Halloween

Caden Randall


Duke Charlesworth, Reporter

*REPORTERS NOTE* This story was uploaded in an untimely manner due to our servers being hacked by the clowns. Thank you for your understanding.

Terror has swept the nation over the last couple weeks regarding “killer clowns.” These clowns are trying to lure children into the woods. Although some of them are carrying weapons, there have been no reports of anyone getting hurt by the clowns. With no reports of violence so far, police cannot do much about them.

“We understand that clowns to some people are already ‘creepy’ and some people have a phobia of them, we see that. However, if someone is standing on the sidewalk, dressed like a clown and they don’t have any weapons and they are just standing there not chasing anyone around and you call us, when we respond and that person decides to look at us and walk the other way without saying a word, we can’t do anything,” Orem Police Department said.

These clowns have forced multiple schools across Utah to have lockouts, which is a major concern to parents. Killer clowns originated in the eastern United States around Maine and Ohio, but quickly spread to Texas, New Mexico, and Utah.

Many students are poking fun of the idea that a clown could potentially put them in danger, and have been going on “clown hunts.” However, if someone does get hurt, injured, or even killed by one of these clowns it will no longer be all fun and games and people will have to be more concerned with their safety.

“This whole thing is just a big hoax,” sophomore Elli Cheney said.

This also has turned into a social media craze, and lots of teens are using Twitter to voice their opinion about the clowns. People are also posting photos and videos to the app when they see a clown. People are still unsure if this is a real danger to them or if it is just some kids pulling a prank.

Parents should be especially careful this Halloween, and make sure all children have an adult with them while trick-or-treating. Citizens should take caution when visiting haunted attractions because it would be difficult to tell the difference between an actor and a clown.