Drill Team Prepares for Upcoming Season

Bentley Holley


Parly Scott, Reporter

The D’ettes work very hard during the year to do well at state and other competitions. The D’ettes have three main dances they compete in. These include Military, Dance, and Kick. There are many competitions leading up to state, and the team works very hard and have goals to ensure that they do the best of their abilities.

“I think we will are going to do really well. We hope we will take state,” D’ette Tracy Lucas said.

The school is very big so it is impossible to know every person in the school which makes being involved a good way to meet new people and make friends. There are 27 girls on the drill team this year, so it gives a huge opportunity to meet new people and come together as a team and as a group of friends.

“I like being able to meet people that I never would have met it thought to speak to if I wasn’t on a team with them,” D’ette Cierra Peters said.

There are a lot of things that students may not know about the drill team like all the time put in by the team to perfect their dances and become unified. They have a lot of practices and it shows by how well they perform and compete.