Students Have Multiple Options for Lunch

Spencer Hill

Braxton Frost, reporter

Around 12 in the morning every weekday it is lunch time. All of the fast food places are crazy and the roads are tough to drive, but the people that benefit from all this madness are the restaurants and stores.

Constantly going to these fast food places over and over everyday will have health consequences in the long run, but lunch at school really is not that much better for you, health wise.

No parent would feed their child meat only fit for pet food or compost, yet meat from ‘old birds’ is exactly what children are being served at school, as found by USA Today’s investigation,” author Grace Chen said.

For sure the school lunches across the country have gotten better but there are things that need to be changed. A way that you could try and make change would be to talk to the administrators about what they could do to make school lunches more healthy and good.

Much of the food that schools are feeding to kids across the country would not be able to be served even at Mcdonald’s and that is saying something because their quality of food is not very good.

All high school students need to watch what we eat during lunch time even though it is hard to make a quality lunch in 45 minutes.