Drumline Keeps the Beat for Marching Band

Bentley Holley


Kaden Flitton, Reporter

The Drumline is a major part of the marching band. Both groups are led by Mr. Hendricks and have fun together despite having different group names.

“We are a unified team of winds, percussion, and colorguard,” Hendricks said.

The drumline has been following up with this mission statement in trying their hardest to be a contributing support in the marching band. Marching band has been around for as many years as anyone can remember. But not everyone knows how long the band has had a drumline.

“Drumline has been around, basically, ever since marching band existed. But over the years it’s developed and grown into something a lot bigger than what it originally what it used to be. Especially with the growth of the winter drumline activity,” Hendricks said.

The captains lead the drive for drumline. The drum captain, Alec Weltz works hard to create a strong team and great environment for the drummers.

“I’ve just done this enough, and at this point it is just for fun and it is about learning and it is about encouraging others to follow suite and trying to set a good example and lead them in the charge,” Weltz said.

    The drumline and the marching band work together as often as they can for long hours on most school days. Both practice, perform, and compete their hardest so that the Marching Band can be the best in everything they do.