School Library Offers More Than Books

Visiting the library is a convenient way to borrow books without buying them. Reading is not known for being the most popular pastime; nevertheless, it has proven to increase sympathy, reduce stress, stimulate the brain, and more.

“Books can help the teenage community by giving them access to situations that might be dangerous or scary if they were really to encounter it,” school librarian Miss Harward said. “I think there’s a lot of things that not just teenagers, but I think people in general, we have questions about things that…they’re unsafe or scary. Reading you can kind of work your way through some problems and some situations.”

A typical library contains a wide variety of book styles. Since zombie books and utopian society books have been most popular among teenagers as of lately, Miss Harward often “weeds the shelves” to get rid of old books and make room for new ones.

“I like input from students that use the library [and] I like input from faculty who use the library so that I’m not just buying books that are going to sit on the shelf and never get checked out. So, I place book orders, I go and buy the books, I bring the books back.” Miss Harward said.books-picture

The library is a school resource. Besides providing for students, it provides for teachers. English teachers are the most common ones to find in the library.

“[Books] are extremely important to me. I read all the time. It’s my most favorite thing to do outside of work. It’s a great way to relax, kind of escape from real life for a little while. So, very important. I would die without them,” English teacher Miss Maloy said.

Across the world there are schools trying to teach without books. Take advantage of the fact that the library is free and accessible. Visit the school library for books and other useful resources.