SBOs Offer a Friendly Smile

Spencer Hill

Hannah Coombs, Reporter

Student Body Officers

Student body officers, or SBOs, are proud supporters of their schools. When it comes to school pride, you can count on the SBOs to bring it on strong.

“I think it is super fun to go to the games. I like seeing my friends that are participating and are playing the sports. Going to the games is one of my favorite parts about high school. I think it’s such a good part and such a fun thing to be involved in,” SBO president Emily Hogland said.

By going to games, the SBOs help cheer on the school’s teams. The SBOs give the game energy and passion.

”When students see their SBOs having a good time at the games, it makes everyone want to have a good time,” sophomore Bethany said.

The SBOs work together to allow school spirit to flow through all the students. The SBOs go to all the games to support their fellow friends and school mates.

“I think the SBOs help the school spirit by, one of our SBOs is Dart Man so, we help to promote it that way and also, we go to all the games and try to be there for those people,” SBO Carson Rob said.

The crowds are always a good time when you have the SBOs around. Dart Man knows how to bring on the school spirit like none-other.

“We bring school spirit when we go to the games so when we are cheering and just supporting the different groups, I think one of our biggest goals is to bring school spirit. We ran to be SBOs because we love Davis so much. I think it’s accomplishing our whole rule,” Hogland said.