College Football Season Gears Up

College Football has been around for more than a hundred years and has been giving athletes the opportunity to play at a collegiate level. In 1998 the BCS championship series was put into place. These games would have the best college teams facing each other and there was a final National Championship after all of the other bowl games. This system of bowl games saw its final game in the 2014 National championship between Florida State and Auburn. This is where the College Football Playoffs came into view.

”We believe that a committee of experts properly instructed (based on beliefs that the regular season is unique and must be preserved; and that championships won on the field and strength of schedule are important values that must be incorporated into the selection process) has very strong support throughout the college football community,” said.

The playoff committee is made of representatives of all of the FBS conferences as well as Notre Dame. These people’s jobs are to pick the 4 finalists for the playoff, to make ranking every week, and put teams into the New Year Bowl games.

This new system makes it so that every team in college football has an equal chance of making it into the playoff. The biggest key to getting in is your strenght of schedule. Non-conference scheduling is a key part of college football.

Each year there will be teams that go out and play the best teams in the early part of the season and get huge wins, but on the other hand you have teams that play bad teams to start of which leaves them to a big disadvantage with the Playoff committee.

The new system that is in place for college football has been great so far and hopefully the future will give just as much attention as it has now.