Choir Offers Fun Singing Opportunities

Bentley Holley

Parly Scott, Reporter

When the choir practices or performs anyone can tell how talented and amazing they are. The choir is the perfect way to meet new people and form friendships. It gives people opportunities to meet new people that may not have met or ever talked to.

“There is a variety of people you get to meet and hangout with. We have band kids, football players, actors, etc. but when you come into choir none of that matters and we just melt into this giant crazy family,” junior Kate Hill said.

There are recitals and choir competitions throughout the year giving everyone a chance to go see them perform what they’ve been dedicating their time to. There is a Christmas recital that is a very big deal and the choir works really hard to make it a huge success.

“I love the Christmas concert the most because their is a good mix of funny, entertaining, and classical songs which always leave everyone in tears or the chills,” Hill said.