Oddly Shaped Stairs Cause Issues

Spencer Hill

Bryce Barton, Reporter

With classes scattered around the school, students are faced with a challenge almost every day, walking up the stairs. It is uncommon to see somebody fall down the stairs, but tripping up the stairs seems to be a constant danger.

“That’s a good question have I ever fallen down the stairs? I think once. One time,” senior Micheal Wyler said.

This falling seems to occur so often that many people wonder if it is more than just tired stumbling students. Some students believe that the stairs themselves are what makes going up so difficult.

“The school stairs are really sketchy…and the ones by the library they have like a little ledge that sticks out so when you’re walking up your foot catches it and you fall and it sucks,” senior Riley Stam said.

Many students believe that school stairs are built in a way that cause so tripping. A little ledge at the top of the stairs may be to blame, but there may also be other factors causing students to have so many difficulties with the stairs.

“Gravity works against you as you’re trying to go up or down,” Stam said.

The brutal combination of treacherous stairs, tired students, and the law of gravity may be behind all the tripping.