Dancers Express Unique Styles

On December 2 the Dance Company have their next performance. It is their Winter Concert so it is combined with other high schools in the district.

“We are combined with Ben Lomond, Clearfield and Fremont,” senior Amanda Townsend said.

This performance is split into two parts. The first part is for children from the district that come to watch them perform for a field trip.

“The first half is all for children so it is more exciting and fun and silly dances,” senior Hattie Shepard said.

The second half is full of modern dances because it is typically performed for adults. So the dancers are wearing peculiar costumes and dancing with movements no one has seen before.

“The second half is when you can do all the weird modern stuff,” senior Hattie Shepard said.

Typically this is a performance that the dance company needs to travel to. They have traveled to St. George, Layton, Salt Lake, and Bountiful.

“Usually we have to travel to another school and it’s a hassle. But this year it’s here,” senior Hattie Shepard said.

The Dance Company is excited to be able to host it this year. The girls on Dance Company have been working on these dances for about a month and are excited to show what they have created.