Applying Yourself Important for School Success

Bentley Holley

Bailey Bilderback, Reporter

               The school has outstanding students who get good grades and the reason for this is that they apply themselves. Students find that this makes their lives much easier.

“When I take the time to learn the material and study and master the subject it keeps my grades up because I do well on tests,” sophomore Steven Clift said.

While this is good for the students, it also is extremely helpful to the teachers, because grading students who give material when they are not making it all up is so much easier.

“It makes life much easier for me as a teacher when my students turn in good work, that shows that they are prepared,” English and Debate teacher Miranda Lloyd said.

Applying oneself makes everyone’s life at school much easier and makes it so that school can run exactly how it should, with teachers teaching the material, and students turning in thoughtful assignments because they have mastered the material.