Students Bowl Their Way to a Good Time

Mason Hall

Students Bowl Their Way to a Good Time

Billy Elliott, Clubs Editor

There is a wide variety of clubs, with many new ones being created all the time. There is a lengthy process involved in making a club official. In order for a club to be official, an administrator’s approval, a faculty representative, and members are all needed.


“At the beginning of the year they were giving out papers that you had to sign and have people petition for,”  the creator of the bowling club,Ben Packer said. “You just filled out what you wanted and the principal signed it, and it’s approved, and your clubs started.”


A good idea is required in order to create a new club. Many clubs that are thought of do not become official. It can be very difficult to get a club idea passed off.


“I was just thinking of club ideas…and I love bowling and I just decided that I should start the club,” Packer said.


If any clubs would like to be featured contact DTV advisor Terri Hall at [email protected] or visit room 2800.