Turley Trifecta takes State

Spencer Hill


Jacob Sonne, Sports Editor

The words “Defend the Tradition” hang over the entrance to the school as a constant reminder to all who enter of the rich history that  Dart alumni share. This year on the tennis team a family tradition of athletic greatness reached its pinnacle as sisters Kenzie, Whitney, and Lexi Turley all helped win a state championship. The Turley sisters have been playing tennis together their whole lives with Lexi being a constant mentor and example for her sisters. After a college career, she decided to return to Davis this year for the opportunity to coach both of her sisters.

“I had just finished my own tennis career so I had some free time and I thought hey I have two sisters on the team,” Lexi said. “I love coaching so it made it that much better to have them there for that experience.”

While Lexi is coming fresh off of her career in college tennis, her younger sister Whitney has just finished her high school career.

“I think it was way fun,” Whitney said. “It’s more exciting to share success with your sisters than it is by yourself, and to have Lexi coaching me through, my last season definitely will be one I’ll remember.”

Kenzie is the youngest of the trio and opened her high school career under the leadership of her sisters. She has experienced immediate success on the team, and the opportunity to play alongside family has been something she’s been looking forward to.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment [after] seeing my sisters play for years,” Kenzie said. “I’ve always wanted to play and so having my sisters by my side was way fun.”

Throughout the season each of the sisters agreed that there was little to no drama between them, and according to Lexi they have developed a sense of when they are sisters and when they are teammates.

“I don’t think we had really any drama, and we are really good at separating when I’m coach and they’re my students from when we are sisters,” Lexi said. “They respect me, I respect them and we have a really good time.”

That being said, as a coach Lexi did not give her sisters any special or favorable treatment.

“I did have very high expectations and probably held them to a much higher standard and didn’t let them get away with as much, and they knew it was all business when I was coaching them,” Lexi said.

The hard work and competitive drive paid off; the sisters helped carry the tennis team to a state championship. For any athlete, a state championship is special, but being able to share the experience with family was unique.

“I think it was just so fun to win state and have it be shared with your sisters and it was just an incredible experience,” Kenzie said.

With a state championship to cap off the experience the Turley sisters shared, they have created memories that will stick with them forever.

“Having Kenzie get her first state title and me get my last was definitely the best memory I have this season,” Whitney said.