Dabbing Takes Over DHS

D.A. Marcyes

D.A. Marcyes, Reporter

Most people do not necessarily know, or care where dabbing originated. Nevertheless, to truly love something, one must understand where it has been, what it has seen, and what it is done.

“[I think] Probably Cam Newton [invented dabbing],” sophomore Joe Bremer said.

It seems to be the popular consensus that dabbing originated in sports, but that is only where it achieved mainstream success. It actually originated in rap music when a rap group, Migos, dabbed in an onstage performance. Slowly it picked up steam in the underground  hip-hop scene.

“He credited a 16-year old for instructing him to ‘dab on them folks,’” Wikipedia.com Dab(dance) said.

Cam Newton then dabbed for eight straight seconds on national television, and the rest is history.