Theatre Offers a Fun Place to Grow and Learn

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Spencer Hill

Hannah Coombs, Reporter

Sometimes the theater class gets unnoticed. Many students do not know about what they are missing. Learning many important performance skills, and how to work with others emotionally and physically is one thing you can count on to get out of theater.

“I’ve been looking to find new ways and new things to enjoy and be with friends,” Stockton Hall said.

So much goes into the theater class. Each and every student works together to make mini-productions within their class. They have an opportunity to express themselves in ways that most never do.

“Theater allows you to show your inner emotion, and show who you really are. You can play with the way you act, and show your true characteristics,” Hall said.

The theater class always welcomes new people to join. For more information on joining a theater class talk to a counselor or Ms. Throne in room 1841.