Lockers Not Utilized by Most Students

Spencer Hill

Natasha Stansfield, Reporter

Lockers can be seen everywhere in the halls when walking through the school. They are offered by the school for the thousands of attending students. It is important to have a space that is safe for people’s possessions so when a backpack is full, coats, lunches, school supplies, and extra food can be put into these lockers. However, even though the school offers the lockers, that does not necessarily mean they are being used.

“According to some, they say it’s uncool. Others just keep everything in their backpacks or they have their cars which makes it easier to keep stuff,” sophomore Madison Wolf said.

These are some of the reasons why students do not use their lockers and why so many are empty. Despite this, the school still offers and pays for the lockers every year even when so many are not being used.

“They’re still using them and not everyone has personal space for stuff or they just don’t have space in their backpack. So it’s more on a considerate level than a necessary level,” Wolf said.

The lockers may not be utilized as much as they could be however, some find that they can be very useful and essential to attending high school because they allow each student a private area to stow their personal items.