Breakfast – Truly Most Important Meal of the Day

Bentley Holley

Bryce Barton, Reporter

Even though breakfast is widely considered to be the most important meal of the day, many students still start the day without eating it. Students admit to rarely eating anything before they come to school.

“I usually get breakfast on the weekends, but maybe one out of 5 school days a week,” senior Alec Bingham said.

Students are very busy with sports, homework, and other extracurricular activities. Due to all these commitments, students can be up late doing homework. This leads to sleeping late in the mornings so students are short on time. Many agree this is why they skip breakfast.

“[I skip breakfast] because I never have time,” senior Mitchell Jensen said.

Even when students have time to grab something to eat before school, it is usually not big enough to last throughout the day. Something small is thrown together in a hurry as they grab their backpack and run out.

“Usually I only have time to thrown together, again during the week a piece of toast or two,” Bingham said.

Either for time, or other reasons, students agree that breakfast is an important meal, and spending time each morning to fuel for the day is something they should be better at so they have the energy they need for the day.

“I think breakfast is very important, and I think I should have it more often… The days I have breakfast I actually stay awake in class,” Bingham said.