Sun and Moon Latest Pokemon Craze

Tanner Livingston

Sun and Moon Latest Pokemon Craze

Tanner Livingston, Video Editor

The world of Pokemon is a fantastic world of creatures where the player can catch, train, and battle creatures known as Pokemon. With the game being designed and produced by the video game company Game Freak, with Satoshi Tajiri being the lead designer of the game, the games were bound to be an exciting adventure for the player. This stems from Satoshi Tajiri’s childhood hobby of collecting insects, which has been incorporated into sun and moon with the ability to catch and train pokemon.


“Sun and Moon greatly improved upon Pokemon’s formula and craft a world worth exploring,” IGN reporter Kallie Plagge said.


In the games the player is known as a trainer set to become a Pokemon Champion or even a Pokemon Master. A Pokemon Champion is a player who is able to beat the in game challenges.

A Pokemon Master sees or catches every Pokemon.


“I’d say kinda, the games already out already but i’m not too excited or in a huge rush but i feel like when the price goes down or i get it for christmas,” Rayquaza fan Ethan Fowles said.


With Pokemon growing in popularity since the release of Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sun and Moon is bound to be a success. It has many new ways to battle with friends, Mega Evolution, Z Moves, mini games, and an all new Poke Bank with many more features to be announce.


“It’s actually really cool cause the whole night time is reversed for the games,” Pokemon trainer  Eleanor said.


Pokemon Sun and Moon is based off of the Hawaiian Islands because the games are set around real world inspired locations. it is astounding to see how well they have portrayed this at Game Freak.


“We live on a planet overflowing with life. This earth of ours revolves around the sun, and in turn, the moon revolves around the earth,”game designer Satoshi Tajiri said.