A Closer Look of the Trends of 2016

Caden Randall


Ethan B, Social Media Editor

In 2016 we saw trends come and go just as normal. But one thing very unique to 2016 was the ability to share trends across social media at such speed. Today you can access almost anything at the click of a button and trends are no different. This year we have seen so many different trends or “memes” that students have participated. We have seen the water bottle flip, the dab, and much more.

One of the most popular dance moves of the year was the dab. It is a quick and easy move that has been performed by teachers and students.

“I like it because it is easy and it is pretty funny to do,” Gabe McBride, senior, said about dabbing. The dab is now being done by famous athletes after they score a basket or goal which has increased the popularity.

Another student favorite trend was water bottle flipping. It is another simple action that has shown the creativity of students. While a small task students have found some of the craziest places to flip the water bottle.

“I think it is so funny to see where people can flip their water bottles,” Cassidy Ferlund, junior, said. It has been fairly controversial with some teachers banning it as it can be annoying and noisy.