DATC Offers Alternatives to Many Students

Mason Hall

Bailey Bilderback, Reporter

The DATC offers a wonderful opportunity for students to go and get a head start on a college education. Education is the very basis of schooling in the first place, and it focuses on life lessons and skills.


“Its an option and opportunity for the students to go and improve or get a certificate that builds their skills so that when they are out of high school they have something to go with,” CTE Secretary Juanita Olsen said.


The DATC furthers high school education as the Davis School District pays for the tuition so that students can make the best of preparing for their future. It helps with high school seniors because it is important to pay attention to the future. The DATC hones in on the importance of the future.


“The DATC program gets me a job and I really like it,” senior Matthew Allen said.


Overall the DATC is a great program for high school students to take advantage of. Under the right set of circumstances it can really help further a student’s education.