Cookie Club Does More Than Eat Cookies

Cookie Club Does More Than Eat Cookies

Bentley Holley

Cameron Jacobsen, Reporter

A cookie is a small sweet cake, typically round, flat, and crisp. These delicious snacks have been around since the documentation of baking, making a lasting impact on many people today. Even so much that our high school decided to make a club out of it. Helping many cookie enthusiasts meet and get to know each other, Cookie Club  serves as an activity that many look forward to. While a wide array of cookies is available at every meeting, every member has their own favorite.

“Cookie Club is just a club where anyone can come whether they like making cookies, eating cookies, or just like looking at cookies I don’t know what their interests are.” says cookie enthusiast Nathan Williams, who helps run the club. “But where you come and you just eat cookies and you get to talk with other people get to know other people.”

The club accepts anyone who is willing to come, contributing to the overall popularity. Whether a person is  a cookie enthusiast or someone who just likes cookies, Cookie Club’s doors are always welcome to visitors, with meetings every week.