Beauty Defined: It Matters What is on the Inside

Bentley Holley


Bailey Bilderback, Reporter

Beauty is often viewed to be superficial. However beauty comes from the inside. The problem is that society doesn’t view beauty that way. Society views beauty as objects or people that are aesthetically pleasing.


Charles Feng from Stanford University did a study on the psychology of beauty and found that  “70% of college students deemed an instructor physically attractive when he acted in a friendly manner, while only 30% found him attractive when he was cold and distant. Indeed, when surveyed for attributes in selecting a mate, both males and females felt kindness and an exciting personality were more important in a mate than good looks. Thus, to a certain degree, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.”


However, all of society doesn’t see it this way. Many people think that beauty is just looks, and many can to attest at one point or another deeming someone “beautiful” without even knowing the person. The study shows that ,in actuality, a person is more beautiful in another’s sight is by their personality and character.


This should change, because judgement on superficial things are mean and shouldn’t matter anyways as beauty truly should come from within. That way people can feel comfortable in their own skin and not compare who they are with others. When thinking of someone that has a beautiful personality, that person is truly more beautiful than just looks.


“I think beauty comes from how the person is on the inside more than anything, if a person is a good person than that just makes them so beautiful,” sophomore Hannah Coombs said.


Overall the perception of beauty should be changed so that society as a whole does not have to be weary of being themselves or going out in public just because social society doesn’t deem them beautiful. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.