Independence Means Going Out Into The World

Spencer Hill

Izzy Fluhrer, Reporter

It is time to move out of the house and start a new life, but how exactly does that work? Piles of clothes cannot sit in the corner for weeks and dishes cannot pile up until they tip over. If a person were to go to college and leave home without experience in self-care, things would get messy. This is why independence is a quality which should be developed at an early age.

“I think people start learning independence from the moment they’re born. Like, you start to walk, and you don’t need to be helped by your parents anymore. And then, you just continue in different ways throughout your life,” sophomore Callie Larsen said.

Learning to work with others is a life skill emphasized in the public school system. Group projects are designed to teach students how to work together and rely on each others assistance. Relying on others is helpful when it comes to group projects, but relying on yourself is the first step.

“[Rely] on yourself, because you’re the only person you can really trust,” senior BrayLon Williams said.

Independence does not come easily to everyone. Some people are born with the ability to rely on themselves and get stuff done without much help, other people are born with the ability to rely on others and work in teams. It is not a quick process to change from one thing to another; however, the process is possible.