Simple Look at Trump Protests

Tanner Livingston

Simple Look at Trump Protests

Tanner Livingston, Reporter

This presidential election, tensions were high between parties and candidates. With this election being very odd. not only candidates insulting only one another but races.


“Considering how I’ve seen people get unnecessarily violent and get downright terrible towards trump,” junior Ben jewkes said.


Many believed Clinton would have an overwhelming victory, only to have Trump later win through the electoral vote. With Trump becoming the President-elect, many people were happy yet, unlike other elections in the past, felt fear due to all the negative political views portrayed in the election.


“I just think the guys protesting are poor losers,” sophomore James Adkinson said.


With the rise of protests in Cities as big as Chicago as well as  schools like Copper Hills High School doing school “walk out” protests, The change witnessed in people across the country has changed drastically after the election.


“Trump Protest in Miami, FL was peaceful, aside from someone on a balcony throwing glass bottles at the protesters and hitting a little girl,” protester Hunter Wright said.


Protesters covering Highway I-70 in Missouri blocked traffic as well as another protest in New York, more than 50 thousand showed up in front of the Trump Tower with protests after the election.


“The election is over, and even though there are people who have different ideologies and beliefs, from now on we must all embrace each other,” Retired President of China Chen Shui-Bian said.


Since that time protest have slowed down and will hopefully continue to do so for the coming weeks.