Defining the Word Majestic Hard to Do

Spencer Hill

Defining the Word Majestic Hard to Do

Bryce Barton, Reporter

The dictionary defines majestic as something having or showing impressive beauty or dignity. This definition is the literal meaning of the word, but majestic means something different for everybody. Unique experiences are often reflected in how true beauty and dignity is put into words.

“Something great, something huge, or just something awesome,” senior Matthew Allen said.

Some believe that majesty is reflected in the size, or impressiveness of an object. Majestic is found where something stands out. Others have a different view, and feel that majesty is found in the small details. Small things may not jump out and demand attention as much as the big things, but when one looks closely they will find that the small things may be just as majestic as the big things.

“A horse is very majestic. Because it’s got its long flowing locks, and it’s got it’s nice hair. When it runs in the wind it looks very majestic,” senior Mitch Jensen said.

While not everybody agrees on what is majestic, many agree on where majesty is found. The outdoors are home to animals, mountains, and breathtaking views that can only be described as majestic. Whether big or small, majesty can be found in the great outdoors. The beauty of nature never ceases to inspire. Everybody who views the beauty found outdoors gains a new understanding of majesty.

“I’ve seen the majestic beauty of nature and the overwhelming perfection of it,”

The size of Mount Everest is incomparable to any other mountain or canyon on earth. It reaches into the clouds and takes the breath away of all who see it. The size alone is enough to give it incredible beauty. This awe inspiring size is enough to earn it the description of truly majestic.

“Impressive beauty or scale,” is how Oxford dictionary defines majestic.

Majesty is often seen in the immense objects that demand attention, but majesty can be found all over. Many times the small things in life are skipped over, and sometimes the small things in life are the most majestic.