Passion Described by Student Dancer

Tanner Livingston

Duke Charlesworth, Reporter

Everyone has a passion in life. Many passions are sports, hobbies or even people’s careers. Some common passions are photography, dance, football, and art. When you know what your passion is, it is hard to think or do anything else. It takes over your mind and even thinking about it puts you in a good mood.

Passions make you happy. It’s your favorite thing to do, and always puts you in a good mood. “My passion is volleyball. I am always playing volleyball and I love to do it! It’s always the best part of my day,” sophomore Kylie Keller said.

Some are lucky enough to have their passion as a career. It is great to do this because then people do not dislike what they do for a living. Sometimes it is better to choose a job that you would enjoy more than the one with the highest salary.

“I love band, and playing instruments. It’s always my favorite class of the day. I have made so many friends in that class and I love to play my instrument,” sophomore Danielle Black said.

It is important to find others that support your passion to hang out with. Having a group of friends that support your dreams and hobbies is a great thing to have. You can always turn to them in times of need.